Titus: Since 1946 Titus had the distinct privilege of building a solid foundation of innovation, quality products, quality service and quality employees. No need to explain about Titus as they are the pioneers in the Air distribution technology with consultants and client’s all-time favorites.

Diffusers: Diffusers have one of the most important functions in air management; to control the pattern of the airflow into an occupied space. Our diffusers are designed by an experienced staff of engineers that use the latest technology to test our products within current industry standards. Several Titus diffusers are also GreenSpec Listed to help achieve LEED certification.

Grilles:  Titus grilles are designed by a skilled engineering staff using the latest technology and are tested by the most current industry standards and methods. Grilles typically direct air out of a duct nearly the same size as the opening. Titus offers a wide variety of grilles to ensure flexibility for architects and engineers

300/350 Grilles

Titus’ 300 / 350 series grilles define the standard for the industry. With high quality and competitive pricing these grilles form the back bone of a standard offering that will meet any application requirements. (http://www.titus-hvac.com/ecatalog/subcategory.aspx?refid=42&subref=28)

AeroBlade Grilles

Titus’ state-of-the-art AeroBlade grilles are the quietest in the industry. Utilizing a unique airfoil blade design, these grilles provide the ultimate in performance and noise reduction. AeroBlade grilles are available in steel or aluminum construction and various blade spacing options.( http://www.titus-hvac.com/ecatalog/subcategory.aspx?refid=42&subref=27)

Grille and Diffuser Accessories

Effective air balancing begins with the balancing provisions that are designed into the HVAC system. Titus balancing devices are easy to select and specify. They are designed for quick access and adjustment and are engineered for the least possible noise, turbulence and air resistance. Titus makes available published flow factors for all Titus diffusers. This allows precision balancing to be performed in the field with accuracy based on prior test results.( http://www.titus-hvac.com/ecatalog/subcategory.aspx?refid=42&subref=202)

 Security Products

itus offers a variety of diffusers for maximum, medium and minimum security applications. Features include all welded construction and heavy gauge steel or aluminum material (http://www.titus-hvac.com/ecatalog/subcategory.aspx?refid=42&subref=30)

Specialized Grilles

Titus offers a variety of grilles for special applications. These include perforated and eggcrate return grilles, heavy duty grilles for applications such as gymnasiums, high capacity drum louvers and site proof door grilles. Also available are spiral grilles that mount directly to spiral duct eliminating the need for saddle taps.( http://www.titus-hvac.com/ecatalog/subcategory.aspx?refid=42&subref=29)

VAV Terminal Units:

Titus offers several types of VAV units to match the many styles of mechanical systems used in buildings. Additionally, these terminal units are available with options that control sound for quieter systems and special surface treatments that help ensure higher air quality levels for critical environments like hospitals or high-tech manufacturing. Some Titus terminal units are GreenSpec Listed and can assist in achieving LEED certification.

Fan Powered Terminals:  Titus continues to lead the industry with the broadest line of Fan Powered Terminals available today. Whether your application requires series or parallel flow, Titus Fan Powered Terminals outperform and outlast other industry offerings. Additionally, all of our Fan Powered Terminals are agency listed. This provides the assurance that Titus units meet today’s safety standards. All Titus Fan Powered Terminal Units with ECM motors can contribute toward achieving LEED EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance.

Low Profile Parallel Terminals

Low Profile Series Terminals

Parallel Fan Powered Terminals

Series Fan Powered Terminals:

  • Miscellaneous Terminals: Whether your application is a new system to be installed in new construction or retrofitting an existing system, Titus has several miscellaneous terminals that offer unique solutions for any applications. Titus Bypass Terminals, Induction Terminals and Balancing Terminals are the foundation in which air distribution was founded.
  • Balancing Terminals
  • Bypass Terminals
  • Bypass Terminals
  • Induction Terminals
  • Single / Dual Duct Terminals: itus Single Duct terminals are the fundamental building blocks for a VAV system. Their primary function is to regulate airflow to a zone, in response to zone temperature requirements. Titus Dual Duct terminals vary the airflow individually between hot and cold inlets for highly accurate temperature control.
  • Dual Duct Terminals
  • Single Duct Terminals
  • VAV Diffusers: Titus brings both accuracy and flexibility to the variable air volume (VAV) market with T3SQ VAV diffusers. The T3SQ combines the functions of a VAV terminal and a high performance diffuser in one. The T3SQ modulates the air volume delivered to a zone to accurately control cooling and heating conditions. The unique variable geometry design results in maximum air distribution effectiveness at any air flow, for superior comfort conditions. The T3SQ is also a GreenSpec Listed product and can contribute toward achieving LEED credits.

VAV Retrofit Terminals Titus VAV retrofit terminals are designed to easily convert old constant volume systems to more energy efficient VAV systems.